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Low-Cost Standard Proximity Sensors

Extended Range Proximity Sensors

Long Range Proximity Sensors

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Automotive General Purpose Sensors

Automotive General Purpose Short

Weld Field Immune Sensors

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Food Grade MetalHead™ Sensors

MetalHead™ Sensors

SpatterGuard™ Proximity Sensors

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Mini Fixed Mount Sensors

Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors

Capacitive Sensors

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Factory Pre-Installed Silicone Cables

Safety Light Curtains

Field Connectors

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Silicone Weld Spatter Protection

Sensor Protection Devices

Quick-Connect Sensor Cables M8

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Quick-Connect Sensor Cables M12

IP69K Photoelectric Sensors

M18 Photoelectric Sensors

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MetalHead™ Flatpack Sensors

MetalHead™ Flatpack Sensors

High Temp Weld Field MetalHead™

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High Performance TPE Cables

M18 Ultrasonic Sensors

High Performance TPE-S Cables

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RP74 Photoelectric Sensors

MP Series Photoelectric Sensors

Inductive Ring Proximity Sensors

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Mini Inductive Proximity Sensors

Non-Contact Thermo Sensors

Prox Style Multi-Colored LED

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H30 Photoelectric Sensors

High Temp MetalHead™ Flatpack

MetalHead™ All Metal Sensing

Distribution Blocks

Limit Switch Proximity Sensors

RP76 Photoelectric Sensors


Silicone Automotive Cables

Ethernet Cables

IP69K FG Prox and Cables

MetalHeadAMSCeramic_232px.jpg CeramicCoatMountingBlocks_232px.jpg

MetalHead™ Ceramic Coated Prox

Ceramic Coated Mounting Brackets 

Multi-Colored LED Indicators
ColoredLED_Touch_232px.jpg HLT50_232px.jpg HLC50_232px.jpg

Colored LED Touch Buttons

HLT50 Signal Tower Lights

HLC50 Signal Column Lights

LED_Acc_Parts_232px.jpg IO-Link_LED_SignalDevices_232px.jpg   

LED Accessories and Part Matrix

IO-Link LED Signal Devices 


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