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Proximity Sensors

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Low-Cost Standard Proximity Sensors

Extended Range Proximity Sensors

Long Range Proximity Sensors

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Automotive General Purpose Sensors

Automotive General Purpose Short

Weld Field Immune Sensors

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Food Grade MetalHead™ Sensors

MetalHead™ Sensors

SpatterGuard™ Proximity Sensors

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Mini Fixed Mount Sensors

High Temp Weld Field MetalHead™

MetalHead™ Flatpack Sensors

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MetalHead™ Flatpack Sensors

High-Temp MetalHead™ Flatpack

MetalHead™ All-Metal-Sensing

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IP69K FG Prox and Cables

MetalHead™ Ceramic Coated Prox

Limit Switch Proximity Sensors

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Mini Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Ring Proximity Sensors


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