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Downtime Reduction


Committed to the Aggressive Elimination of Downtime.

HTM Sensors serves the owners of automated machinery with world-class sensors and downtime reduction services to apply them. We offer industrial vending machines for plant sensor programs with smart refilling systems to ensure constant flow of inventory.

Vending Machine Cost Reduction Program

» Users enter login information on the large 12” touch screen
» Data is collected for reporting of where and why in the plant parts are needed
» Data and customized reports are available online
» Data is always available for CI projects in consultation with your ProxWorx™ Account Manager
» Inventory is always available and inventory control is increased
» Billing is easy and convenient with less PO’s per month
» Min/Max/Reorder values can be managed remotely
» Usage trends are highlighted for Continuous Improvement


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Call Jamie Loucks, or Mike Russill at 1-800-644-1756 to get started.

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