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M18 Thermo Sensor

(for measuring temperatures up to 200°C)
(for measuring temperatures up to 400°C)

 Model #
SA-80T-2A SA-80T-4A
 Temperature Range
0 to 200°C
0 to 400°C
 Area Size
Silicone Lens
 Spectral Response
Thermopile / 8 ~ 14µm
 Response Time
100ms / 90%
0~200°C: ± 2°C, 201~400°C: ± 1%
± 1°C of reading value
 Analog Output
 Emissivity Ratio (ε) Adjustment
 Power Supply
12 - 24 VDC ± 10%, 70mA max.
 Ambient Temperature
0 to 70°C
 Environmental Humidity
35 to 85% RH (without dew condensation)
 Storage Temperature
-20 to 70°C
 Vibration Resistance
10-55Hz, amplitude 1.5mm, two hours each in direction X,Y, Z
 Water Resistance
 Materials SUS / AI
 Weight 180g

 Lens Dust or dirt adhering to the lens and flaws on the lens may cause incorrect measurement. When the lens is dirty, remove the adhering object from the lens using a blower for lens cleaning etc.
If dirt remains wipe the lens softy using a cotton swab or lens wiping cloth moistened with a small amount of ethyl alcohol.
 Unit When the unit is dirty, wipe it off using a cloth moistened with a small amount of ethyl alcohol.
 Problems  Cause  Solution
Unmeasurable The power source is not connected properly Check the lead wires and the connection.
The power voltage needs to be adjusted to the 12-24 VDC range. Check the power voltage and adjust it to be in the 12-24 VDC range.
The measured figure is odd The lens is dirty Refer to the lens section in the manual under "Maintenance"
the measuring area is off center. Aim the target which should be within the field of view area for the sensor.
Near the object to be measured another object emitting high temperatures is affecting the temperature reading. Block the heat source using a board, etc.
The measured figure is not stable The sensor is vibrating. Prevent the vibration
The temperature of the sensor changes suddenly. Put the sensor aside for a while to stabilize the sensor's temperature.
 Safe Usage
The instruction manual contains various warnings for your safety and proper usage to avoid possible personal injury. Please be sure to heed the warnings and strictly follow safety instructions.

Download PDF spec sheet and Instruction manual here.

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M18 Thermo Sensor, SUS barrel, 4-20 mA output with reliable detection up to 200 degrees C

M18 Thermo Sensor, SUS barrel, 4-20mA output with reliable detection up to 400 degrees C