The ActionPLAN Advantage

With other competitor systems, you can aggregate high-level data about your runtime statistics. But you have a lot of sensors in any machine cell, and when you have a failure, it crashes and goes down. But which sensor caused the issue? If there are multiple sensors, competitor’s practice may be to start switching out sensors, trying to generate the fault again in order to determine the cause. But the clock is still ticking. Our system will point to the exact sensor through a typical HMI (Human-Machine Interface) screen commonly found in automotive plants, and over the last month, last week, or 24-hour time period, will show you which one is continually giving you problems. Those reports allow you to adjust scheduling and manage time with your people to send electricians or maintenance people directly to the correct spot. Our system also allows us to do a search, so that after a tooling or Continuous Improvement change, our system can track the results and show exactly how much downtime and savings came from that change. In some machines, you have an A side and a B side, and our system can show data for each of those sides, machines, cells, and lines in the plant. It drills down to the one spot that is giving you the most problems.

Our system also works together with other MES and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Where other systems track start time, end time, runtime and total production, none of these other systems can get down to the input level.

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