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Selecting the right OEE Software Solution

Selecting the right OEE Software Solution

Posted by Admin on 2019 Oct 4th

For most manufacturers, it makes sense to track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with OEE software to increase equipment efficiency and effectiveness to strengthen the bottom line. The bigger challenge is how to choose the right software for your environment and needs to achieve those goals.

The first step is understanding that even though OEE is determined by availability, quality, and speed/rate, these factors are defined differently across industries and applications. Rather than searching for the one solution that meets every manufacturer’s needs, it’s better to look for the right solution for your particular needs today and tomorrow.

The goal is to select OEE software that is compatible with your manufacturing process and can be integrated with your existing manufacturing technology and workforce culture. OEE monitoring capabilities need to be compatible with machine sensors and be capable of reporting the data in a manner that matches your scheduling and operational processes.

The system must be capable of meeting your needs today as well as tomorrow so scalability is imperative so it can grow with your organization. The OEE monitoring system will need to adaptable capable of integrating ERP and MES to provide the most detailed analysis and deliver actionable data. To properly set the stage for choosing the right OEE software manufacturers should be looking for the following features:

  • Plant-wide and enterprise-wide visibility of OEE factors with highly granular choices of data views
  • An OEE monitoring system with real-time alert delivery options including targeted emails, text alerts, voice announcements and/or on-screen notification
  • Interface compatibility with a myriad of sensor types
  • High level of data collection automation with varied capture and storage options for future analysis without the need for manual intervention
  • Drag and drop customization of charts and graphs with dynamic updating of real time performance data.
  • Flexible Performance Report Delivery to desktops or mobile devices with intuitive graphic display on screen.
  • Ability to deliver reports automatically to predefined recipients via email as well as delivery to designated printers
  • Intuitive manufacturing intelligence dashboards with existing and customizable OEE KPIs
  • OEE software comparison and tending analysis tools for multiple shift OEE percentages by job, work center, line, machine, shift or day
  • Granular efficiency and downtime tracing across machines, lines, and plants down to an item number and revision of the manufactured part
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) reporting with automatic updates and real-time tracking of product and process quality to facilitate continuous improvement efforts
  • Ability to interface and drill down within Enterprise IQ ERP, MES and Quality systems

These features are the what every manufacture will need in OEE software. This will ensure that OEE monitoring capabilities can adapt to a wide variety of scenarios and still be scalable to meet customized needs for a single or multiple manufacturing environments.

While these features represent an effective OEE monitoring system, manufactures cannot overlook the important step of preparing the workforce for the cultural change that will make that software effective. With the right software solution, manufacturers can set the stage for a manufacturing environment and workforce that are focused on continuous improvement. This positions them to deliver gains for the enterprise, the workforce, and the bottom line.