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Your Price: $33.00
Part Number: FCM1-0801P-BCU3
Inductive Proximity Sensor, Cylindrical , Chrome Plated Brass, Shielded Construction, 8mm Threaded Body, 1mm Range, PNP Output, Normally Closed Output, 3-Pin, M8 Quick-Connect
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Mounting Style: Shielded
Diameter: 8 mm Threaded
Sensing Range: 1mm range
Output Type: PNP Output
Output Function: Normally Closed Output
Connection: 3 Pin Connector
Operating Voltage: 10-30 VDC
Switching Frequency: 2 KHz
Operating Temperature: -25 C +70 C
Response Time: 0.1 ms 0.1 ms
Max. Current: 200 mA
Leakage Current: <0.01 mA
Surge Current: -
Overload Trip Point: ≥220 mA
IP Rating: IP67
EMC Rating: RFI>3V/m / EFT>1kV / ESD>4Kv (contact)
Weld Field Immune: No
Short Circuit Protected: Yes
Reverse Polarity Protected: Yes
Current Consumption: 10 mA
Part Number: FCM1-0801P-BCU3